Eden Lake

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Another one of the Masterpieces.

This movie scared me more than any movie involving paranormal activity (I mean in the sense of ghosts, ghouls or crazy people), it turned my stomach more than any gore driven thriller.

The premise is simple. A nursery school teacher, Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend, Steve (Michael Fassbender) travel to a rustic lake in rural Britain, their peaceful weekend is ruined by hoodlums on the beach. When Steve confronts the teenagers about their unruly behavior, a scuffle breaks out in which Steve accidentally kills the teenager’s dogs.

From then on it is a quick descent to madness as the bloodthirsty hoodies chase after the couple driven by their merciless leader Brett (Jack O’Connell). In the end, Jenny somehow manages to escape the kids but runs directly into the kids’ families who kill her.

It’s a bloody ending but which is truly deserved, I think in the way the movie progressed.

It’s well acted, Jenny is extremely likeable as a character and Fassbender as Steve is at his usual best. Brett as the bully and leader of the gang is a character who you will grow to hate, in fact at the end it almost feels bad to be rooting for the death of at least one of the gang (at least two get killed).

The movie feels a little bit cliched, when some of the characters act in a way that is exactly opposite to human rationale just to keep the movie flowing, but it is believable and it is chilling just how believable it is because this is one story that can happen to anybody.

I don’t recommend this movie to anyone with a weak stomach, because the gore levels are high (they set a kid’s head on fire in a scene for godsakes), although the gore level is maintained on the right side because the effect of what they are doing is shown on the characters

Now I’m not political enough to tell you about the debate on class systems in Britain that this movie incited, what I can tell you it’s a wonderful movie, a genuinely scary flick which will make you turn around more than once while walking in a lonely neighborhood


A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

This movie is one of the  most underrated masterclass of 2016.

And I say this as an understatement!!

This movie is intermittently creepy and funny and is seductive enough to be remembered later as a feverish dream.

Filmed in the desert in California, “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night” introduces us to a lot of interconnected cast of characters who all live in Bad City, an Iranian town filled with bad bad vibes.

Shot in black and white, the movie immediately arrests the viewer and pulls them into its dreamscape. We are already 20 minutes into the movie when we realise that this is a vampire movie (unless you knew the plot before!). But before you dismiss this review as “just another vampire flick”, hear me say that it is fresh take on the vampire ethos.

The Vampire, never given the name throughout the whole movie played by Sheila Vand, is an apparition shrouded in a  black Chador, skateboarding along the streets of Bad city. Lonesome, she wears a veil which makes her look like she’s floating and she has an air of elegance.

Her path crosses that of a young boy Arash (played by Arash Marandi), a moody character who owns a fantastic expensive car. Arash falls in love with the vampire and there is a scene in the movie, a weirdly intimate scene, in which the vampire allows Arash to pierce her ears when he makes a present of earrings to her.

The movie’s brilliance lies in the ambiguity of its central character, the vampire, we never get to know her true personality. She looks and feels like the prey but is actually the predator. She is not plagued by the question of living forever, rather she knows what she wants and in her own moody way she gets it done.

Director Ana Lily Amirpour has done amazing work with the cameras and the music which I feel is one of the most significant part of this movie taking heavy influences from 90s grunge and popular Iranian pop. Amirpour also has a knack of basing the scene on the music playing and the results are fantastic.